I was the lead designer on this project to evaluate the current pharmacy drug dispensing software and how to optimize and modernize the product to reduce fill times for the medications and training by new pharmacists and techs to capitalize on increased opportunities for pharmacists to enter pharmacy visitors into health and wellness programs.

While working on the design of this project I partnered with a Product Owner to define the requirement for the designs. Once we gained approval for the design concept we partnered to define technical requirements for re-platforming off of Java Swing.

After creating the dashboard and several workflows we put the design in front of a group of former pharmacists to gain feedback with an initial round of testing. From there I iterated the designs and then took the designs into several pharmacies to test the new product with clickable prototypes with Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs. I also spent time observing the pharmacy to gain insights for future design considerations to optimize the user workflow.

Category: UX Design

Brian Tudor UX Designer