From 2006-2008 I was responsible for creating a new workflow for the creation, production, and processing of online and off-line forms and applications for Fidelity Investments.

As a part of this project I optimized form creation, publishing, and processing to save the organization over $3 million in the first year by cutting form and application product creation cycle from 120 days to 30 with new processes and tools, by focusing on the end users experience to ensure forms were easy to fill out and process without error.

This project was a major undertaking where I lead cross-functional teams across the U.S. to coordinate, testing, development, and design options to better meet client, advisor, and data entry needs. By reducing forms to their component elements we were able to be more agile and keep documents in compliance longer while reducing the time need to update and create new forms. This allowed advisors to better serve their clients and receive investment funds in a more timely manner.

Category: UX Design

Brian Tudor UX Designer