On this project I was tasked with creating a set of wireframes using Sketch, to show possible ways for Quest’s genetic testing could be added to ancestryHealth’s functionality to help Ancestry.com users to find what kinds of tests they should take based on family health history.

This was a proof of concept for a partnership with Quest and ancestryHealth, to provide a testing plan for a user’s descendants based on the known family history of medical conditions. I spent time on this project researching how best to show the need for a test based on the genetic testing outcomes, and how best to share the information that a family member should consider being tested. By using modals to keep the user on the relevant screen and only taking them away from the family tree for more in-depth articles the users could always stay on the family tree to continue to track their family history (which was the typical purpose for being on the site).

Category: UX Design

Brian Tudor UX Designer